"Does a tree grow in the wrong direction?

Does a river flow erroneously?

Is the movement of clouds off course?

In nature, there is no such thing as a mistake."


      - janelle schmidt

Awaken the Wildness Within

Awaken the Wildness Within, a beautiful collection of poetry, prose and photography that speaks to the wildness within every soul will be available for pre-order SOON!


The Awaken the Wildness Within official book launch will be this fall!  Stay tuned for more information.

"At a time when the bond between humanity and nature appears to be fraying, Janelle Schmidt’s Awaken the Wildness Within acts a precious mediator. Through poetry, prose, and raw photography, Janelle chronicles her journey to be at home in the world, in the wilderness, and in herself. During a period of anxiety and grief following trials, transition, and trauma, Janelle began to express herself. A flood of words and images—rich with insights and intuitions, sensuality and soulfulness—welled up on trail runs and nature walks. Sorrow gave way to spiritual transformation."         - Kristin van Vloten, Owner, Salvo Communications




If we open our eyes to the magic that is the potential of every moment - it may be a song, a sunset, a walk in the forest, a reunion with an old friend - we begin to see it everywhere. Whether experiencing a moment of marvel or a daily dose of gratitude, whether immersing in the beauty of nature or connecting with a fellow soul traveller, this project is about what moves me into a state of deep appreciation and what inspires me to live the life I was meant to live. It is my vision that by sharing what I see and awakening to the reverence and wonderment that is life itself, somehow I have carved a space for joy, harmony, gratitude, and love to flow in and all around. May you see the beauty, live your purpose, and awaken the wildness within.