About Janelle

I am passionate about empowering others to live inspired lives.

What does it mean to live inspired?  To me, it’s living with purpose, intention, and love.  It is tapping into our creativity, our gifts, and our passions. It is silencing the mental noise, journeying inward, and breathing. It is becoming alive and awakening a sense of wildness.  The wildness of our true Self, an uninhibited being ready to love and live fully.

How do I do this? 
Meditation, circle work, supporting others through transition, guided meditative walks in nature, restorative yoga, and writing.

How did I get here?
I could start with my professional experience and training, but since I believe life experience accounts for much of the wisdom we gain, I will begin with that.  I am driven to seek new adventures whether they are internal or external. This drive along with my passion for travelling and my love of nature has led me on wilderness excursions throughout the world from US National parks to the Canadian Rockies; New Zealand to Nepal. Exploring the wild places of the world opened up the awareness of the wildness that exists within all.

I am a humanitarian at heart. At the young age of 22, I worked as a Crisis Counsellor at Lurana Shelter for women fleeing abusive relationships.  The women I supported taught me much about the vast challenges of life, the immense human capacity to change and heal, and the way of compassion. 

While working at Terra Centre for pregnant and parenting teens, I combined my passion for the outdoors and creating places for women to connect and I developed a program for young mothers to venture into the mountains on backpacking trips. Over three summers I led women into the wilderness on an inward journey of strength, where they experienced first hand the beauty and healing powers of nature.  A seed was planted, and I knew I would guide others into wild places, connecting them to deeper spaces within themselves.

Wanting to understand the inner workings of life led me to achieve a degree in biological sciences, however it was my humanitarian nature that shaped my professional career. Having worked in the non-profit sector for over 10 years, I have an intimate knowledge of the uniqueness of supporting individuals in challenging circumstances and the complexities staff encounter while working with vulnerable populations.

Experiencing the need to create a community of support and celebration around motherhood, I completed training as a birth and postpartum doula and launched my first business, Mother Haven. Creating Mother Haven at the same time my mother was dying of cancer, showed me the healing power of support and ritual during life's transitions.

After the passing of my mom, my path led me to complete yoga teacher training through Integrative Yoga Therapy, Healing Relationships Training with Nischala Joy Devi, Restorative Yoga Training with Judith Hanson Lasater, meditation teacher training with Lifestyle Meditation, and a 3 year professional shamanism training program with the 8th Fire.

And here I arrive. The accumulation of my training and life experience on the doorstep of Live Inspired and to my purpose. Teaching and inspiring others to see the vast beauty and healing powers of nature and to awaken the wildness within so we may experience deeper spaces of joy, harmony, and connection in our lives.

“My passion for life flows through me, igniting others to light their internal flame.”