Apps Appreciation

Admittedly, I am not a tech-savvy person. I often find myself bemoaning yet another piece of technology that I have yet to learn or that has apparently malfunctioned. Sometimes I get frustrated at the wasted time spent on various devices. However, today I am feeling appreciative of what technology, specifically what my iPhone offers me. 

In the past few months I have relied on my phone and all its amazing apps while I travelled. With the help of iMaps and the commanding turn by turn voice as my copilot, I was able to safely navigate my tiny rental car along dark speeding freeways in mountainous terrain, having to take multiple exits, from Encinitas to Joshua Tree, California. With Airbnb and Yelp I found a house to rent and groovy breakfast spots in Nelson, BC. And most recently to discover the hot new restaurants, juice bars, and local green spaces in Austin, Texas. 

Whether it is to get around in new locations, find cool places to eat or where to unwind, I love the ease and convenience technology brings to travelling. And I am grateful to be living in a world and time that offers such luxury.

I only wonder, will all these apps help me navigate through the chaotic streets when I one day return to India?

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