Moving Water


I love sitting by moving water, whether it be a creek, a river, or a waterfall; listening to the sound of it's undeterred swiftness and sureness as it rushes along the earth. It is single-minded in its purpose-simply to flow. It does not stop and ponder, “Hmmm, which way do I go?” 

If I am going through a difficult time and and I feel stuck or something seems blocked, or if ever I need the reminder that my life is a part of the grand Universe and I need not push so hard- fighting against the current, a meditation by a river or creek gently reminds me that at any moment, I can release and be in the flow.


The creek shifts and groans 

under winter’s icy cloak,

rising as if from deep slumber.

Tiny bubbles

conjoin under the surface 

ready to be released into the spring flow.


#mymeditation #awakenthewildnesswithin #liveinspired