Meditation and Wellness Programs


Awakening the Wildness Within: A Meditation Event


Upcoming dates:

January 16

February 20

March 20


Join us for a brief discussion, followed by a guided and silent meditation experience.

This event is by donation. ($10 recommended but not required). Please register early to reserve your spot. You can register by sending an email to

Live Inspired Studio in Aspen Gardens, Edmonton

Restorative Yoga

Calm your mind, slow the pace of your life, and connect mind, body, and breath in this practice of active relaxation.  A nurturing practice that supports emotional health by bringing you into a state of balance and connecting you to your inner resources and wisdom. Offered in private (one on one) and group sessions.

Upcoming dates:

January 31 - March 21 

6:45 - 8:15pm


Drop in: $20 (space permitting)

Live Inspired Studio in Aspen Gardens, Edmonton 

This is a small group. Please register early to reserve your spot. 

Introduction to Meditation: Meditation Demystified

Have you ever wanted to meditate, but it seemed daunting? Perhaps you have tried in the past unsuccessfully and something is calling you to give it another try. 
What is meditation? Why practice it? How do you meditate? 
In this 2-hour workshop you will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of meditation, the benefits, and the simplicity of incorporating it into your daily life.  
  • be guided through an experience of meditation 
  • leave with tools that will support you in sustaining a meditation practice

Rising at the crack of dawn to sit in lotus position in utter silence, distraction free with absolutely no thoughts for endless time is NOT the only way to meditate. 
Join us for an insightful, informative session where we demystify meditation and empower your path towards health and wellness.

Upcoming dates:

February 22

6:30 - 8:30pm


To register e:

Would you like to have us bring this workshop to your office or group? Please inquire here.

Healing Session

Do you feel there are things preventing you from living the life you want? Do you feel stuck, anxious or unfulfilled? Do you desire more joy, contentment, and love in your life?

“ We came here with gifts and a purpose. But sometimes we forget. We forget who we are. We forget why we are here. We forget we have come here with a purpose. Sometimes our negative self talk, our issues and wounded patterns create a fog. Just as our issues reveal a pattern, so too, do our gifts. What we came here to do is embedded not only within our hearts, but in our experiences, in the people we connect with - whether currently in our life or not, and in what makes us come alive. Connect to this place and you will remember.”

As a student practitioner of shamanism (Energy Medicine & Spiritual Healing), I can help you recognize and heal your patterns and issues so that you can fully step into what you came here to do. It is my passion to inspire you to connect to your gifts and live your purpose. To live a more joyful, fulfilling, and harmonious life; to live inspired.

How does a healing session work?

We discuss your needs, what issues are currently affecting your life, and how we can best address them. This will involve getting to the root cause, energy healing, Ceremony or journeying, and sometimes a combination.


Private Healing (60-75 minutes)   $75

Private Healing (5 sessions)    $300

Private Restorative Yoga and  Healing (1 hour 45 minutes)  $105

Private Restorative Yoga (90 minutes) $85

8 Private sessions: a combination of yoga therapy, restorative yoga, and healing (75-90 minute) $525

To book a session, please send an email: or contact 780 271-5765.

Awaken the Wildness Within,
the wildness of your true Self; an uninhibited being ready to love and live fully.